The Grounded Story

Megan Root
Megan Root
Andrew Okello
Andrew Okello

Take control of your Family's wellness

Grounded was founded in 2015 by Megan Root. After the birth of her first child, she was overwhelmed learning about the volume of chemicals in our modern life and their impact on our health. Nairobi didn’t have an economical non-toxic home cleaning option, so she developed a line of products herself, using Kenyan ingredients.


In 2016 Megan met Andrew Okello, a local soap-maker with two decades of experience. In addition to soap, they bonded over a shared love of 4x4’s and reggae music. Since then they have developed over 20 products to handle all the cleaning needs for your home and body.

Let Grounded bring the new clean to your home.


+254 740 410 585


Nairobi, Kenya


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